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RBT Training, Supervision, and Competency Assessments

Looking for someone to help you out as you start this journey to make meaningful change in the lives of others? Need a Board Certified Behavior Analyst to help you? Feel free to reach out to me below:

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Tired of Feeling Stuck? Become an Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)

Change your life with a meaningful career that gives you flexibility to work as you’d like and earn from $18-30 per hour. All you need is a high school diploma!

Cambia tu vida con una carrera que te dará la oportunidad a trabajar horarios flexibles y te ayudará lograr todas tus metas mientras ganas de $18-30 dólares a la hora.

What does the certification process look like? See below:

From the Behavior Analyst Certification Board

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